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Vendors are the suppliers to your business comprising of Labour and Services companies, Architects, Designers, Materials suppliers etc. 

When your organisation gets to a certain size you should use a proper system to manage your Vendors and Contracts and Mandarin is the system you should use.

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Vendor Management

Mandarin facilitates the efficient sending out of Enquiries to your selected approved Vendors.

Break down the tender elements into work packages.

Collate all necessary supporting documentation in a folder that will become available to download through links in the enquiries email.

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Tender Enquiries

Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are used to assess the effectiveness of the vendor that was awarded the contract to undertake the work aspect.

The vendor is assessed and scored to establish if the job was done well and they should be considered for any future work awards.

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KPI Assessments

Our Customer Care module facilitates creation of Sites and Plots.

Reported Defects are logged against a plot.

From there on the support team can assign resources to remedy those defects and facilitate full job tracking and status reporting.

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Customer Care

Mandarin intuitively tracks training qualifications for your staff.

Mandarin makes it easy to manage a worker's certifications and expiry of qualifications and certificates.

Mandarin also tracks Training Courses and course delegates.

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Training & Certification

Our project planning module allows you to create Projects, define their Phases, the Modules, attached to each Phase, and the Steps and Actions needed to fulfill the module goals.

Progress of each project stage is monitored and we have also built our fantastic Dazzle Form Builder, into this module.

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Project Planning