Do you need to maintain better control of your Vendors?

Mandarin is a software solution designed to deliver better management of your Vendors. It also aids the efficiency of the Tendering and Performance Monitoring process.

Your supply chain is managed by introducing a strict Pre-qualification Process for your Vendors. Mandarin provides powerful e-Tendering facilities, and the tools to perform KPI assessments upon completion of the work packages.

Mandarin will help you reduce your Vendor Risk and save you Time and Money..

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Manage your supply chain with ease by passing the onus of data entry and record updates on to your Vendors.

Your role becomes easier by simply managing the exceptions and failures.

The system also manages your Tender Enquiries enabling you to search your Vendor database for compatible vetted Vendors by matching their attributes to the requirements of each particular tender work package.

Tender Enquiries are sent by email along with links to facilitate downloading of any supporting documents.

The quotation process is also simplified as, in addition to returning a detailed quotation file, a total price for the work package is also returned by the vendor and stored.

Contracts are awarded through the system and when the work is complete a KPI assessment feature will activate to review the performance of the supplier to ascertain if they should be considered for further service provision.

The system also ensures that your vendor records are kept refreshed by sending out regular requests for updates when insurances and other certifications and memberships are known to be expiring. The PQQ can also be sent out for updating at user-defined intervals.

We tailor the ePQQ form to your exact requirements and different versions of the PQQ can be created for different vendor types. This means that your PQQ used for an architect can be different to that for a labour sub-contractor.

Compliance with quality and business management systems is of paramount importance these days.

In order to win the big contracts you need to demonstrate that your control systems can ensure the quality, efficiency and safety of your own supply chain.

Mandarin delivers the proof that your organisation has applied due-diligence over the vendors you work with.

We provide you with the tools that will ensure you apply stringent qualifying and monitoring of your supply chain to verify that they are fully compliant, and that they keep their obligations in respect of insurance cover, accident reporting and other business aspects up to date.

Mandarin is a browser based product developed using Microsoft technologies and is designed to utilise a SQL Server database at the back end.

The Mandarin software has been developed for use in the construction industry sector but it can be used by mostly any organisation that has a need to vet Vendors by pre-qualifying them prior to accepting them as approved suppliers.

Mandarin is a software product that has been developed in the U.K. and is also supported from the U.K.