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System Benefits

Mandarin will maintain a fully qualified list of vendors for you resulting in reduced Vendor risk.

Other benefits from using Mandarin include:

Increased staff efficiency and output

No photocopying and compilation of tender packs needed thus reducing staff time possibly leading to ability to reduce or re-allocate labour resource.

Work packages documentation is distributed electronically

Therefore no postage costs resulting in cost savings

No large emails

All supporting documentation accessed as links enabling downloads to be efficient and succesful

Continuous key system fields maintained and updated regularly by Vendor

Fields are automatically flagged for renewed update and emailed out to vendors for them to provide updates

Management by exception

Only deal with the issues that need dealing with

Paper usage reductions

Results in cost eradication

Invitations to tenders dealt with quickly and easily

Approved vendors filtered down to those closely matching work package attributes, thus not clogging up response process with applications from unsuitable vendors

Continual performance monitoring through KPI assessments

Facilitates continual vendor performance monitoring