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Mandarin facilitates the efficient sending out of enquiries to your selected Vendors.

Only approved and compliant Vendors are eligible to receive your enquiries.

As part of our system set-up process we build you a bespoke tender and contract data-entry form for you to register your tenders and contracts. The captured data is then available to be merged into your outbound enquiry emails which we tailor for you.

Usually, the management of creating tender collateral and selecting the companies to approach as a manual process is extremely time-consuming and arduous. Mandarin allows you to create a tender or contract record; define the work packages or elements that make up the project and then run a query to match the work packages against your filtered Vendors. You then confirm that the filtered Vendors are acceptable to receive enquiries and the enquiries will be sent out as an email.

Full supporting work package documents and other items such as plans, images, notices and full tender information can be attached to each work package. Each enquiry sent out will give the vendor access to download these documents, thus eliminating the need for any printing which obviously greatly reduces time and costs.

When the Vendor receives the enquiry email they will be presented with a link to a secure web page in the Mandarin system.

This web page offers the following functionality:

Step 1 - Lists all of the work package's supporting documents that are available for download

Step 2  - Asks if they wish to tender for the work package - Yes or No

Step 3 - Asks them to enter the total amount that they will supply the service/supply for and allows them to attach a formal quotation for upload

Mandarin also nags your Vendors to complete and return the tender enquiry if they have not done so.

Mandarin will monitor the response performance of each Vendor and will accumulate stats to determine which ones are slow or quick to respond; which ones do not bother responding and which ones do respond but never win any business from you. All of this information can be used for corrective purposes.

Mandarin will enable you to track which orders are awarded to your Vendors in order to create KPI assessment records to assess the quality of each work package undertaken.