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Compliance measures should ensure that your records are kept up to date and that key important data are maintained and updated regularly.

Important fields such as insurance cover details and expiry dates need to be recorded.

This system will process a potential Vendor enquiry for you. By simply entering the main contact name and email of the vendor company the system will send them out an email with a link contained in it. When the email link is clicked the system will open up an online Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) which has been tailored for your company and is appropriate to the particular vendor type it has been sent to.

The PQQ is completed online by the prospective Vendor. When the PQQ was initially created it was created with a behind-the-scenes form builder that you can use to enter pass or fail scores against each question. As a result of using this feature the PQQ score is calculated upon submission by the prospect. The system therefore calculates an automatic score which is compared to the master scoring matrix to establish whether the prospect is suitable to be taken on as an approved vendor. Overall supervisor approval is required before the prospect is properly approved and entered onto your database as an approved screened vendor.

Once a Vendor is approved they are eligible to be part of the selection process when 'Tender Enquiries' are received so that they can be invited to quote and tender for contract work packages.

Once a Vendor record is created the system also monitors insurance expiries and will send out information update reminders. The system will also re-send the PQQ to the Vendor annually to ensure that the Vendor keeps their information up to date.

When we take you on as a client we require you to supply us with your PQQ and we will create it as an online form for you as part of the system set-up procedure.

Apart from doing a great job of keeping your Vendor records compliant and refreshed, the beauty of this part of the system is that the prospect does 99% of the required data entry work for you and keeps the data fresh on your behalf.

You can also place a link on your website that will take the applicant to a special page within Mandarin where they can initially register their interest in becoming an approved vendor. This page facilitates the pre-registration and preliminary vetting processes and the sending out of the PQQ email links if the preliminary application is approved.