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Our Project Planning Module is our latest development in our Mandarin suite of software.

Although at testing stage, we can reveal the system features here:

  • Create New Projects from templates.
  • Monitor and evaluate completeness of each node within project branch.
  • Report thereon.

Projects consist of:

  • Phases
  • Modules
  • Stages
  • Actions

Actions allow for:

  • Defined action to be completed by defined date.
  • Document uploads (Minutes, Plans etc.).
  • Attachment of 'Dazzle' form.


'Dazzle' is a product we have developed that facilitates document automation.

It consists of 2 sections:

  1. A Form Builder
  2. A Report Generator

In our application we have integrated the Form Builder aspect into Mandarin to allow for unlimited data capture forms to be created.

These forms can then be assigned to Action Stages so that the completion and sign-off of a section will be determined by the input of data into an attached form.